Battery Service

A Battery Service on a high-grade Swiss timepiece includes the following operations: • if timepiece is designed as water-resistant, before the case is opened the water-resistance is confirmed with industry leading and approved equipment, to the appropriate rating; • the bracelet is removed from case; • the case is hand cleaned and the bracelet is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath; • the case is opened; • the voltage of the old battery is tested and recycled, if discharged; • the following electronic circuit and analog parameters of the quartz movement are tested: • Rate; • Consumption; • Lower Working Limit; • End of Life Indicator, if possible; • Coil Resistance; • the voltage of the new battery is tested and installed; • the case-back gasket is exchanged; • the crown tube gasket is exchanged; • the case is closed and sealed; • if timepiece is designed as water-resistant, the water-resistance of the case is confirmed to not have been affected during battery service; • the bracelet is checked for pin/screw tightness and clasp is adjusted for security; Starting price: $87

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