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Battery Replacement

Swiss Made movements are designed for longevity and serviceability. Quartz timepieces of non-Swiss origin rarely have spots on the movement that can be tested. Due to the limitation, unless otherwise stated, if a battery does not hold up to at least one full year of function, the price of the battery exchange will be deducted from the price of the more comprehensive quartz movement exchange. In the vast majority of situations, a battery exchange on these timepieces fixes the problem while maintaining a more reasonable cost.

A Battery Replacement on an entry-level non-Swiss timepiece includes the following operations: • if timepiece is designed as water-resistant, before the case is opened the water-resistance is confirmed with industry leading and approved equipment, to the appropriate rating; • the case is opened; • the voltage of the old battery is tested and recycled, if discharged; • the voltage of the new battery is tested and installed; • the battery is labeled with current month/year for tracking purposes; • the case-back gasket is exchanged, if available; • the case is closed and sealed; • if timepiece is designed as water-resistant, the water-resistance of the case is confirmed to not have been affected during battery service. Starting price: $18

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