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Complete Service

Service (Maintenance or Repair of 1990s to Present – Vary by MFG) Before the invention of quartz timepieces, synthetic oils, or modern interchangeable parts, a Complete Service (or Overhaul) would be performed by State Registered watchmaker annually. This was often because the natural oils used to lubricate the mechanical movement would break down and cause the watch to stop. Today, most manufacturers recommend to have a complete service carried out every three to five years. Please do not confuse a Complete Service with a Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA) by technicians that either lack access to spare parts or do not want to pay for them.

Our Complete Service consists of the following operations: • the case and movement are entirely dismantled; • and every part is inspected for wear and tear; • any movement parts showing wear and tear are replaced before cleaning in a special chemical bath; • the dismantled movement is cleaned, reassembled, torque screwdrivers used to tighten all movement screws, with lubrication applied to specific parts;C • the movement is demagnetized; • the movement’s accuracy is restored; • if requested by the client, the case and the bracelet are refinished (additional charge); • the case is rebuilt with new gaskets and the bracelet is reattached; • the movement's rate and power reserve are tested for a minimum of 72 hours, sometimes longer if timepiece has a greater than 48 hour power reserve; • if timepiece designed as water-resistant, the water-resistance is confirmed with industry leading and approved equipment, to the appropriate rating; • the bracelet is checked for pin/screw tightness and clasp is adjusted for security; • the timepiece will carry a 24 month warranty. A Complete Service is required when: • A timepiece has not been serviced for 3 or more years. (Maintenance) • The watch no longer functions from normal wear and tear. (Repair) • The watch no longer functions from any abnormal damage such as an impact, heat or exposure to moisture. (Repair or Restoration in extreme cases) Parts included with Complete Service: All Gaskets Minor mechanical (movement) components Components included in a Complete Service: mainspring, oscillating weight ball bearing, reverser wheel(s), other known parts to suffer excessive wear. Please note, occasionally the crystal or crown need to be replaced. We reserve the right to void the warranty in evidence of mishandling by the client. Starting price: $350 for simple Automatics, $500 for Chronographs

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