OUR Equipment

We invest in the same top-quality equipment used in manufacturers service facilities around the world in order to provide you the best service possible.


The Schaublin 70 Watchmakers lathe is considered to be one of the finest watch and instrument making lathes ever. With an integrated collet system and ultra-high precision bearings, this machine can easily hold tolerances into the millionths (0.000001") of an inch with a skilled operator.

Our full suite of water testing equipment is able to test almost any watch on the market. The Witcshi Proofmaster M (far left), is an air based system used mostly for quick checking of watches rated up to 100m or 10 bar. The Roxer Natator 125 (2nd on left) is a pressure testing chamber capable of testing watches to depths of 1250m or 125 bar. With these, and the Roxer Diabolic and Revalator also pictured, we are able to test to the exacting standards set by manufacturers.

The Crevoisier C5001 is a polshing and grinding station used by most major brand's service facilities. This machine offers extremely precise polishing and finishing of parts, cases, and random things around the shop, if you're so inclined. It also has a extremely high power vacuum extraction system, helping to keep our facility clean. Come in and see the results for yourself, as most of our pre-owned pieces for sale will have been touched up on this machine.