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Restoration Complete Service

(Repair/Restoration, Maintenance/Restoration – Pre-1990’s MFG) Unlike the movements and cases of “Modern” timepieces, spare parts for Pre-1990’s timepieces are becoming scarce, even for watchmakers with spare parts accounts. Some manufactures have a policy of discontinuing parts from certain decades. In such events, we will either inform the client of the lack of original parts and will offer after-market substitutes, if available. Restoration will be performed with a limited or no warranty, as gaskets and many movement components are impossible to find. We strongly encourage owners of vintage timepieces have a complete service carried out every three years to prevent excessive wear and tear to movement components that can evolve into a Restoration Service.

Our Restoration Complete Service consists of the following operations: • the movement is entirely dismantled; • and every part is inspected for wear and tear; • any broken movement parts are replaced or fabricated before cleaning in a special chemical bath (parts not showing excessive wear will need to be re-used); • the dismantled movement is cleaned, reassembled, with lubrication applied to certain parts; • the movement is demagnetized; • the movement’s accuracy is adjusted to a “best possible” result; • refinishing of the case and bracelet is strongly discouraged (additional charge, if requested); • the case is rebuilt with new gaskets (if available) and the bracelet is reattached; • the movement's rate and power reserve are tested for a minimum of 72 hours, sometimes longer if timepiece has a greater than 48 hour power reserve; • the water-resistance may not be guaranteed, in such events, client will be warned during the estimate; • the bracelet is checked for pin/screw tightness and clasp is adjusted for security; • unless otherwise stated, the timepiece will carry a 12 month warranty. A Restoration Complete Service is required when: • A timepiece has not been serviced for 3 or more years. (Maintenance strongly encouraged) • The watch no longer functions from normal wear and tear. (Repair/Restoration) • The watch no longer functions from any abnormal damage such as an impact, heat or exposure to moisture. (Repair/Restoration) Parts included with Restoration Complete Service: Any components that will strictly impede the function of the movement. We reserve the right to void the warranty in evidence of mishandling by the client. Starting price: $750

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