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Water Resistance Restoration

It can be considered that in the over 400 year history of timepieces, water-resistant timepieces are a fairly new development in the industry. In 1927, Mercedes Gleitze swam the English channel wearing a Rolex designed to be “water-proof”. Since 1927, many manufacturers have sealed their timepieces with rubber gaskets, plastic gaskets, elastic UV glue and more. It is required that gaskets be replaced whenever a seal is broken (crystal removed, case-back opened, crown tube unscrewed). On modern timepieces, gaskets should always be replaced and NEVER re-used, modified, or replaced with inferior quality. DISCLAIMER: Water-resistance of any object (timepiece, smart phone, clothing) is subject to change and deterioration over time. Water-resistance ratings should be tested and restored regularly. The staff of House of Time and many of our industry colleagues have witnessed the devastating effects of moisture damage, even after as little time as 24 hours of exposure. As such, our staff does not swim, shower or generally submerge their timepieces unless absolutely necessary or for work related activities. It cannot be stressed enough how damaging moisture is to the internal components of a timepiece. If the client witnesses evidence of moisture permeating the case, it is advised to IMMEDIATELY bring the timepiece to your nearest qualified watchmaker for review and repair.

Per a client’s request, we will happily restore a timepiece’s water-resistance under the following conditions: • Gaskets are still available and supplied by manufacturers or near identical quality after-market gasket exists for vintage cases; • Movement is in an optimal functional state; • No current signs of moisture damage exist within case; • Case components (crystal, crown, mid-case and case-back) have no structural damage (impact, rust, etc). Our Water-Resistance Restoration consists of the following operations: • the case is completely dismantled; • all gaskets are replaced; • in the event of a quartz movement, the battery will be a complimentary replacement; • in the event of a mechanical movement, the rate will be a complimentary adjusted; • the case and the bracelet are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath; • the case is reassembled with new gaskets throughout; • the water-resistance is tested using dry and wet testing equipment; • a print-out of successful water-resistance pass will be provided to the client; • the clasp of a deployant buckle is adjusted for security; • timepiece will carry a 12-month warranty on water-resistance ONLY. Please note: the Water-Resistance Restoration carries no warranty on the functional internal components of the timepiece. We reserve the right to void the warranty if evidence of mishandling by the client (impact or operation of pushers/crown while case is submerged). In the event of moisture damage to the timepiece, we reserve the right to void the warranty if timepiece passes our manufacture required water-resistance testing. Starting price: $250

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